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EOS Implementer Hank O'Donnell with the Four Quadrants time matrix

I’m Hank O’Donnell, Leadership Team Coach

I’m Hank O’Donnell, a leadership coach working with entrepreneurial businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. As a third generation entrepreneur, I successfully grew my family’s office supply firm and sold it in 2003. I now help organizations create positive and productive leadership teams. I’ve accumulated over 10,000 hours of executive coaching and facilitated over 300 leadership team sessions.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs and their teams get what they want from their business! I provide three distinctive outcomes for each team:

1. Aligned Vision:

Everyone in the firm knows where the company is going in both the short and long term.

2. Disciplined Accountability:

A clear, defined execution system to deliver the vision.

3. Team Health:

A cohesive and highly functional team, all rowing in the same direction.

The Growth Curve Model & How It Can Work for Your Business

The Growth Curve Model shows how and where your team is on the path to mastery. It actually explains how we develop any skill! Check out my video blog for a full explanation of the model and its stages.

What Leadership Teams Are Saying About My Coaching

I’m inspired by great leadership teams, and I love to coach teams driven to be their best. Here’s what the CEO of Philadelphia’s Di Bruno Brothers has to say about my leadership team coaching!

Hank knows how to facilitate a productive all day meeting by knowing when to foster the group’s creativity and when to get us back on track. Hank has a way of making a highly productive meeting seem effortless and enjoyable. Hank has become an independent yet integral part of Di Bruno Bros.

Bill Mignucci, CEO, Di Bruno Brothers

My Framework for Success: The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Over the years, I’ve been exposed to many best practices in leadership training and worked with many executive teams. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) is the best framework I’ve found for helping teams work together to achieve their goals. I became a certified EOS implementer when I discovered the amazing impact EOS had in driving my clients’ success. EOS is real, simple, and results-focused. No theory, just results. I walk with my clients as we implement highly productive, tested business processes. Clients have told me that they have improved the productivity of their leadership team by a factor of four!

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Hank helps organizations clarify, simplify, and achieve
their vision using an easy and proven approach.

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Get in Touch with Hank. Call Today (215) 593-7235

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